Sigmagri Journal was built in December 2020 to develop the old journal called Agrosaintifika Journal. Then we realized that the scope was different, so to stand as an independent journal, we separated and decided to make the scope of new sciences interdisciplinary and cross-national in areas focusing on Social, Agricultural Policy, Economics, and Agribusiness the focus topics. At the same time, Agrosaintifika Journal is the right topic for agronomy, microbiology, chemistry, pest science, and other agriculture-related topics. 

The next step is to build and improve the ranking of Sigmagri journals, we are committed to meeting these criteria through various forms of collaboration and improving the quality of journals. The cooperation is in the form of inviting reviewers and editors from various countries who have relevant scientific scopes and fields. 

The Sigmagri Journal is a Journal of the agricultural socio-economics,  under the auspices of the Major of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, University of KH A Wahab Hasbullah.

Sigmagri Journal is published twice a year, to be exact in June and December each year.  Since today, Vol 02 Number 01 has been issued.