Author Guidelines

The author should follow the direction of writing below:

The title should contain maximum 30 words. The title must not begin with the word "analysis".


The author’s name and the affiliation must be written here clearly. Changing or removing the author’s name and affiliations after being accepted is not allowed.

Abstract is written in italic/italics in English as much as one paragraph with a maximum limit of 250 words without mathematical or statistical formulas/descriptions. The abstract should at least contain the research background, research objectives, research methods, results, and suggestions. At the end of the abstract, it ends with a maximum of 3-4 words that can represent the writing. At the end of the abstract, must add the 3-4 words of keywords.

This chapter contains the background of research/writing so that it raises a problem that needs to be solved. Theories and references to previous research which are the basis for writing are included in this section in the form of a paragraph by description, not in the form of sub-chapters. The format for writing articles is A4 paper size, right, left, top, and bottom borders of 4 cm, 3 cm, 3 cm, and 3 cm respectively using Arial font size 11.

This chapter contains a research design consisting of types of data, data sources, data collection techniques, data analysis techniques, and variable measurements written in the form of a coherent paragraph description and not bulleted and numbered. The writing of mathematical equations uses separate lines and is numbered sequentially in the form of right and left or the number is located on the right that is parallel to the line of the formula/equation.


This chapter describes the research results in which the results and discussion become a coherent whole (not separated). Thus, in this discussion, the authors present the results of their research and compare them with theoretical studies or empirical studies. written with systematic, critical analysis, and informative. The use of tables, figures, etc. is only used as support to clarify the discussion and is limited to really substantial supports, for example, tables of statistical test results, pictures of model test results, etc.

The discussion of the results is argumentative regarding the relevance of the results, theories, previous research and empirical facts found, as well as showing the novelty of the findings. The use of concise tables is highly recommended. However, if you need to include a more detailed and in-depth table, you can attach it in the attachment. The use of sub-chapters in this discussion is expected to be in accordance with the research objectives

This chapter contains a summary of the discussion organized into one paragraph. Conclusions should be answers to research questions, and not expressed in sentences or statistical language. Written as long as one paragraph in the form of an essay, not in the form of bullets or numbering. If you need to write suggestions or recommendations, then they are written together in this one paragraph.

If it is considered to have a high level of urgency, then an acknowledgment needs to be written which includes data access, funding sources (funding) and mentoring as well as other parties who assist the success in completing the paper writing.

The bibliography contains a list of journals, books, or other publications referred to in manuscripts published in the last 10 years. The minimum number of libraries is 10. Bibliography SigmAgri follows the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition. Writing bibliography (and citations) must use the Mendeley app. For the example please follow the template that has been attached