Author Guidelines

General Writing:

  • Articles should be typed on A4 paper submitted in soft copy
  • The title and identity of the writer (name and email address, and/or letter address) are written on the top under the title of the article.
  • Articles should not exceed 6.000 words or it is between 10-15 pages, 11 font of Cambria, in 1,5 space, including the references, figures, and tables.
  • Left, right, top, and bottom margin are about 1,18 inch
  • Quotation, pictures or references should show the resources and year. Name, year, and page are stated if it is from the book, in which all should be consistently the same as listed in the references.
  • References are preferably taken from the up-to-date references or the past 10-year publication copy right date.
  • The number of pages should be on the bottom with central position.
  • No and title of the tables or pictures are written above the tables but the names of the figure should be typed under figures, bold typed, and the titles should be placed under the no of tables or pictures.
  • Include the sources of tables and pictures underneath.
  • Include the CV separately: it should tell home address, institution, phone no that can be easily contacted, education background, some titles of recent publications or research activities, field of education, and interest of the research, as well as work experience or organizational activities.

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