Arabic is a subject that students rarely ask for, so it is difficult for them to understand Arabic subjects. Therefore, the teacher must be able to find a good way so that he can arouse students' interest in Arabic material. In this study, the author wants to analyze and explain the process of how learning Arabic results using constructivist theory and what are the supporting and inhibiting factors in the learning process. In this study the researchers chose the type of quantitative research, the data obtained during the study were through interviews, the distribution of pre- and post-test questions to students of MTs Empat Lima Assa'adah Sambeng Lamongan, and during the research process. The researchers concluded that the constructivist learning model applied in learning Arabic in the organization is not optimal due to several factors. Among them: 1. The lack of activity of students in educational activities, 2. The difference in the educational background of students before entering the school of MTs Empat Lima Assa’adah sambeng 3. The language environment that is not formed.