Education in Islam is very important, even in the Qur'an it has also been explained and strengthened again by the hadiths spoken by the Prophet. The whole world also views the importance of education, even in various countries creating laws to strengthen the position of education as a bulwark of the nation's intelligence. Various elements of society have also formed NGOs that uphold the existence of education among the community. Both the upper class society and the lower class society must be generalized. As prospective educators, it would be nice if we know what things need to be in every educator. And also as prospective educators we must master and understand the character and nature of students. The character and nature of these students is widely discussed in the ta'lim mutaalim book written by Shaykh Burhanudin Az-Zarmuji. In a literature review of several references, both hadith books and formal books, it is clear that the character and attitudes of these students must be properly understood by an educator and applied by students. Thus the world of education is realized in accordance with Islamic rules and in accordance with the law.