This research aims to produce learning tools in the form of syllabus, RPP, LKPD, and Process Skills Assessment using the Discovery Learning model. This research uses research and development (R&D) method with implementation procedure refers to the design of 4D model development research. 4D model consists of four stages, namely: define, design, develop, and disseminate, but researchers only limit the development of prison devices to development because of limited research time and costs for mass production. The eligibility instruments used are material validation questionnaires for validator 1 and learning device validation questionnaires for validator 2. Based on the results of research and discussion can be concluded that, has been produced discovery learning tools based on experience through E-Learning, as one of the learning tools that have been assessed by several validators with an average value for RPP is 77.3 with a category Worthy for validators 1 and 88 with a category Very Worthy for validator 2. The average value for LKPD is 81.25 with the category Very Eligible for validators 1 and 90 with the category Very Eligible for validator 2. The average score for a Process Skills Assessment is not much different i.e. 80 with a category Eligible for validators 1 and 91.6 with a Very Eligible category for validator 2.