Ethics is an essential thing in human life with human ethics will be easily recongnize the difference with other creatures of God, and ifethics has begun to erode from human beingsnthat is thenbeginning of the emergence of behavior that tends towords negative things. Therefore Islam teaches ethics in daily life, not only Islam but the Javanese people have always taught the culture of ethics ti their children and grandchildren until now.

This study will discuss how the Javanese culture’s relationship with the values of Islamic teaching, which in this study will explore the ethical culture developed Javanese tribe that has similiraties with Islamic teaching why this could happen, and this study aims to find out why Javanese tribes has teaching that are almost similar to the teaching of islam. In this study the researchers took from the matrial to be studied, from this study the researchers used a descriptive, qualitative approach and the type of research used was library research, the research would take material raised from several sources of book whose authenticity was clear. The theory that the researcher adopts is from Franz Magnis-Suseno SJ in his book Javanese Ethics