In the book of Maulid ad-Diba'i, authored by al-Imam al-Jalil Abdurrahman Ad-Diba'i, which contains about sholawat or syiiran about history and praise to the Prophet Muhammad r, there are implied meanings about the value of moral education inside. This study shows, (1) The values of moral education in the book of Mawlid ad-Diba 'i are divided into 2 classifications, First, the value of moral education that is related between Makhluq and Khaliq, which is about the morals of servants and their Lord. Among them, are: repentance, gratitude, and dhikrullah (Always Remember Allah). While the second, which relates between makhluq with makhluq, namely human-human relations, which includes: patience, tawadhu '(humble), as-Shidqu (honest / true), compassion, forgiveness, mutual respect, and gentle. (2) The values of moral education contained in the book of Maulid ad-Diba 'i are the values of education which in essence have a relationship with the objectives of Islamic education. Which is the character in the book is a prophetic character (moralize character) that will be an example of someone to be a creature that is always in goodness by getting used to behaving well and leaving behaving badly by referring to the Qur'an and the Hadith, so as to achieve maturity that will raises the main personality and can achieve the highest goals of Islamic religious education, namely happiness in the world and happiness in the afterlife.