This research aims to determine the effectiveness of the development of Student Worksheet Based E-book. E-book learning media is easier for the students better understand the material being taught. This research uses with a ADDIE. Data analysis was done by using quantitative descriptive data analysis.The results  validity of the media based on the assessment of validation matter experts (Lecturer in Mathematics Education) there are 4.6 to the category of very valid. Validation expert assessment of materials (teacher of mathematics) contained 3.7 with a valid category. While there are 4,2 with media (lecturer of Technology of Informasi) expert category valid and students response contained 80% strongly agree categories.  Test the effectiveness that the result of normality test, homogeneity and simple paired t test concluded that Haaccepted Ho then rejected it means Developing students worksheet based e-book is effective to be used in mathematics to Content Association of class VII MTs/SMP.


Keywords: Students Worksheet (LKS) Based E-book