The purpose of this study was to determine the content of vitamin B2 in sweet sepat snakefruit and sweet sour snakefruit, and the organoleptic quality of snakefruit jam. This research used descriptive qualitative method to analyze vitamin B2 content and experimental method using Completely Randomized Design ( RAL ) to analyze the organoleptic snakefruit jam, using 2 treatments consisting of sweet sepat snakefruit jam and sweet sour snakefruit jam. The data was collected using UV-Vis spectrophotometry and 5 panelist questionnaire methods with 3 replications for each sample. Data analysis used ANOVA table and continued with 5% BNT test. The results of the study on the content of Vitamin B2 showed that the sweet sepat snakefruit was 0.051 mg/100g and the sweet-sour snakefriut was 0.046 mg/100g. The results of the organoleptic test of snakefruit jam in Watugaluh village on the treatment of sweet sepat snakefruit jam (A1) had a score of color (3.20), aroma (3.20), texture (2.40), and taste (4.00), while in The sweet and sour snakefruit jam (A2) had a score of color (3.40), aroma (3.20), texture (3.20), and taste (4.00). There are significant differences in texture, while in color , aroma and taste there are no significant differences.